At "Natural Light Photography", we focus on wildlife and landscape subjects. Our goal is to illustrate the beauty, power, and excitement of our natural world in a direct and simple manner. We are equally interested in photographing the local flora and fauna of our home in the Midwestern United States as we are in subjects from across North America, Africa, and the Sub-Arctic. We have photographs of bears, big cats, birds, canines, elephants, flowers, hooved animals, landscapes, rodents, and marine life.

With respect to wildlife, we are trying to draw the viewer into a moment of time in these animals' lives. We're always searching for that optimum combination of the animal's expression, its position, lighting, and background. We know we're close to a great photo when there's a conflict between taking the shot and just observing and enjoying the moment. The photographs are taken using Nikon digital equipment, though we employ a range of tools and techniques to produce the final product. We post-process, consistent with traditional film-based techniques to refine image and hopefully help you appreciate these animals, plants and landscapes even more.

Bill Carrier is the photographer and Kathy Carrier is the spotter, co-editor and a great advisor on framing for final presentation. Both native Midwesterners, we've lived in Saint Charles, Missouri for 30 years.